Here’s Why You Might Be Losing Search Engine Rankings – Top SEO Hurdles for Startups

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving organic website traffic in terms of both
quantity and quality. There are various ways of performing SEO for a business – it could be through a
digital mobile app, internet website, and so on. Consequently, SEO helps websites earn top rankings on
the most powerful search engine in the world, Google!

However, today’s businesses’ worst nightmare is seeing their website and associated business platforms
drop out of the top search engine rankings. Mainly for startups, it can be quite difficult to get a hang of
SEO effectively unless you have professionals assisting you.

SEO Matters : Pro Tips to Gain the Lost SERPs Rankings

Believe it or not, a lot of companies still pay for the most basic SEO practices that even their in-house
marketing teams could perform. Therefore, unlike other companies, we’ve compiled a few pro SEO tips
for startups.

Start with Meta Information

This is the most underrated SEO tip coming from pros. Being professionals in SEO, we understand the
true value of customer’s time and we believe that our customers do the same. When internet users are
searching for something in a rush, or even when they’ve got all the time in the world, they’ll still prefer
speeding through the results.

So, to grab their attention, invest in a catching meta title and meta description. These are the two vital
deal-breakers for your web pages on Google. Since they also influence your SERP rankings, they’re
valuable ways to get to the top.

Work on Page Loading Speed

We’re not just talking about your homepage here – no. It's about all the essential web pages associated
with your website. Apart from being a critical search engine ranking factor, especially on Google, it’s a
highly valuable aspect of generating a satisfactory user experience.

Internet users love nothing more than seeing websites load faster and taking them to the answer they’re
looking for. In fact, some experts believe that even if it takes a couple of seconds more than usual
combined with other ill-fated factors of a website, users simply bounce to others!

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Build Internal Links

Don’t assume that building internal links will earn you a frown from your users – it won’t always! There’s
a difference between being “informative” and “salesy” Linking your website internally builds a strong
image for your company in the eyes of users.
You can link essential pages, products, and even blogs to create a systematic path that leads customers
to make purchases – or even just sign up for a newsletter! However, there are rules and techniques to
make sure you’re not being “too bold” with internal linking which would otherwise lead the users away.

Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is an underrated threat that leads to poor SERPs ranking and low SEO scores.
You can try your best by improving website loading speed, high-quality digital content, and mobile-first
webpage version. You might still lose the top spots because one or more of your website pages are
competing for SERPs ranking based on the same keyword hunt!

Avoid targeting the same keywords through multiple website pages. Try to be moderate and invest in
keyword variations. You can use google keyword tools and SEMrush to find varieties of related keywords for your brand. Even after all the efforts, if you can’t seem to help your website jump to the top, contact
the best professionals in the agency.


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